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Woodfold Custom Accordion Doors

Talk about flexible! Woodfold’s commercial series of Accordion Doors does it all: saves space and separates work areas in an office … reconfigures a too-large meeting room in a hotel … helps muffle distracting noise in a daycare center or restaurant. Yes, our Accordion Doors do all that – and more – in beautiful style. Every door is custom-crafted to exactly fit your opening, which means no trimming required. And since they’re entirely top-suspended, there’s no need for bothersome floor clips or pivots. Plus our exclusive steel hardware hinge system is designed to keep doors operating smoothly, quietly, and lends incredible strength and durability. It also means doors stay solidly in place, whether open or closed. As you’d expect from Woodfold, our Accordion Doors come in an array of hardwood, vinyl, paint, stain and laminate finishes. What is unexpected is how, once completed, your doors are delivered.  Each is individually carton-packed or wood-crated to ensure everything possible is done to have it arrive at its destination the same way it leaves our doors. In perfect condition.